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teasel gardens philosophy

We combine good functional design principles with a sculptural sensibility.

We look for each space’s inherent grace, or ‘sense of place’ and then we find the balance between the particular forms and functions that will contain the specific wishes and needs of each client.

Our designs have a gentle formality to them, with layers of interest that will ebb and flow throughout the year and through the senses. We work with the qualities of each season and where they will shine brightest within each space, to maximize the potential of the borders, however large or small. This adds another magical dimension to the garden. And we ensure that all materials used are sensitive to those of the property and in keeping with the style of the design the client is hoping for.

These spaces will continue to grow and develop over time and so are set up to work from day one through to maturity. The gardens are built to last.

Gardens can be elegant solutions for whatever you want them to be and do.


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